Ubuntu Classic OS

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Welcome to our website for Ubuntu Classic or for short UC. Ubuntu Classic 14.04 LTS is based off of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Ubuntu Classic the gnome-panel, gnome-flashback as its desktop environment or the human name for it Gnome Flashback. Gnome Flashback delivers a pure Gnome 2.0 experience with using the Gnome 3 libraries but its more lightweight than Gnome 3 as its designed for low power hardware. Gnome Flashback is the traditional Gnome Panel from Gnome 2 ported to Gnome 3, so it is compatible with the latest Gnome 3 software.

Welcome to our website for Ubuntu Classic. Ubuntu Classic 1.0.X LTS and 1.2.X LTS is based off of Ubuntu 12.04.4. Ubuntu Classic uses a pure GNOME Classic experience with only basic modifications, so none of the code or icons has been changed. Ubuntu Classic is 100% compatible with Ubuntu Software and also makes a good base for a new OS. You can Download the latest version of Ubuntu Classic at the Downloads page