Ubuntu Classic OS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use Ubuntu Classic? And who is the targeted audience?

A: Ubuntu Classic is based off of Ubuntu and uses a slightly customized version of Gnome Fallback. The goal with Ubuntu Classic is to provide a similar experience to Gnome 2 but with modern technology and also to be more simple then Gnome 2. The biggest aim is to people who like Gnome 2 but need newer technology this is were MATE fails but Ubuntu Classic sores as Ubuntu Classic is compatible with Gnome 2 software as well as Gnome 3 software while MATE can only run Gnome 2 software. If you're still using Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, or 11.04 with GNOME 2 instead of Unity I urge you to try this distro

Q: If there is a newer version of Ubuntu Classic will it appear in the update manager?

A: No, at least not currently as in the future maybe I will do this. This is also the only downfall of Ubuntu Classic

Q: Whats the point of using Ubuntu Classic if I can just install Gnome Fallback on my own?

A: The Operating System is better optimized for the desktop environment and packages might not be the same version as on standard Ubuntu as again design choices are made for the Gnome Flashback desktop environment rather than Unity.

Q: Whats the Username and Password for the live CD?

A: Here is the login information you'll need:

Username: user

Password: (Leave blank)

Q: Ubuntu Classic crashes after logging in after install/when using the Live CD

A: Click on the "Logout" button and then click the Ubuntu Logo and select "Gnome Classic." Now try logging in

Q: I keep getting "Failed to load session" when trying to log in

A: Click on the Icon beside your name in the Unity Greeter and select the desktop environment.